The Future is Connected

Connect your things to the internet and control them effortlessly with Ubidots


Ubidots cloud-based platform for IoT home and office automation gives you the power to connect devices and easily deploy custom solutions to customers.


Connect devices securely and quickly

Real-time data

Gather detailed real-time data


Use data-driven analytics to enrich lives


Convenient Lifestyle

Comfortable Living

Cost Effective

Conserves Energy

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Education is Innovation

In line with Ubidots guiding principles, in 2018 Ubidots spun out and repurposed its first ever cloud version as “Ubidots STEM.” Rather than retire this shared-resource platform, Ubidots instead empowers 35,000+ students and IoT innovators to explore and develop technology and solutions, giving all users their first device free, always!

The precursor to Ubidots, Ubidots STEM is an IoT enablement platform that give users the tools to learn and make an impact - be it big or small.

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