IoT for healthcare

Life is on the line. Harness IoT for smarter, more effective care.

Ubidots is a leading Internet of Things (IoT) platform, powering state-of-the-art solutions to healthcare challenges worldwide. We are here to help you prototype and scale custom IoT solutions—so you can improve health outcomes, drive cost efficiency, and accelerate innovation.

Healthcare's XXI century challenge

From overcrowded hospitals and unprecedented costs to growing demand from aging populations—the healthcare industry today faces tough problems. And industry leaders are increasingly turning to IoT to solve them.

By 2100, 22.3% of people will be aged 65 or over, up from just 7.6% in 2010. - The Economist

What if you could remotely track and respond to a patient’s conditions? Or predict equipment failures before they happen, saving maintenance costs—and lives? Connecting healthcare devices, medical assets, and patients to a central IoT platforms opens up rich opportunities for innovation and increased efficiency.

Medical IoT is expected to grow into a $1.6 trillion dollar industry by 2025, according to Mckinsey. Become a player in this growing industry—create your own IoT healthcare solutions today.

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The connected care revolution

Ubidots IoT platform gives system integrators the ability to create a real-time picture of healthcare systems for their end-customers, so they can respond faster and better allocate resources.

Our healthcare partners are using the Ubidots platform to improve quality of care around the globe:

Cold Chain Monitoring
Ensuring the quality of vital vaccines and medications through IoT-powered tracking and analysis.
Supply Chain Success
Optimizing logistics of oxygen supply for hospitals to streamline allocation and improve availability.
Emergency Transport
Improving emergency response time through IoT-connected ambulances.
Meet Our Clients

Medellin health tech company Netux is boosting emergency response time with IoT-powered ambulances.

Until recently, the high-pressure process of dispatching ambulances in the city of Medellin Colombia, was fairly manually. Pre-GPS, and still wading through handwritten medical records in 2013, Medellin’s emergency response teams relied on radio communication to identify and dispatch the closest ambulance with the necessary equipment. Netux’s IoT solution has improved the average response time of the ambulances from over 30 minutes to around 14 minutes.

A difference of 16 minutes may not sound like much, but at the site of a medical emergency, every second counts. According to the American Heart Association, survival rate falls 7-10% for every minute of delay in treatment in cardiac arrest patients. The project has been so successful that the local administration is now planning to expand the size of the pilot cohort of ambulances and extend the benefits of IoT to other aspects of emergency care.

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Pioneer IoT solutions in your field

Harness Ubidots dashboards and alerts to lead innovation and make better decisions—powered by a real-time understanding of your assets and of your patients’ health.

Advance care with real-time patient data

In healthcare, every second counts. Stay on top of your patients’ health with simple, sleek dashboards. Automatically administer medication or trigger an alert when a patient’s condition changes.

Efficiently track and manage inventory

Never run out of vital supplies again. Track the exact location and condition of medical assets, and receive alerts when you are running low on inventory.

Boost asset longevity

Medical devices often come with cringe-worthy price tags. Protect your assets by predicting equipment failures and maintenance needs.

Improve health outcomes with care on-the-go

Extend the continuum of care into patients’ homes through wearables and remote monitoring. Empower patients to take control of their recovery through health tracking apps on their mobile phones.

What’s next?

Exploring IoT solutions for your industry? Feel free to book a free consultation with our experts, or pilot a test project with our free trial. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish.

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