Ubidots gives users the tools to remotely monitor and manage crops and ecosystems — connecting growers digitally to their land.

The 21st Century Farming Challenge: Grow more, with less

More mouths to feed

The world’s population is expected to exceed 9 billion by 2050.

Fewer hands

Farms face labor shortages as population shifts to urban areas

Limited resources

Farmers struggle with water availability, nutrient-poor soil, and unpredictable climate

Data-driven Climate Smart Agriculture

Using real-time data as an extra helping hand, farmers and horticulturists merge the physical world with digital tools to combat everyday problems and...


Boost product yield

Reduce per acre energy consumption

Economize water consumption

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Climate Smart Agriculture in Action

From peach farms in Australia to smart greenhouses in Argentina to water monitoring in Colombia, global farmers are cutting costs and improving yields with Ubidots-powered IoT solutions.

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